Composer Jüri Reinvere receives the Lepo Sumera Award 2019

The joint award by the Estonian Society of Authors and Estonian Composers’ Union – Lepo Sumera Award for a musical work – was unanimously handed by the jury to Jüri Reinvere in Pärnu Concert Hall at Pärnu Music Festival on July 21th, 2019.

Lepo Sumera Award is to acknowledge and promote the elaborated development in artistic style, extensive scope of musical thinking and artistic depth in a musician’s work.
The members of current jury are as follows: composer Erkki-Sven Tüür, musicologist Kerri Kotta and electronic musician Tammo Sumera. Jüri Reinvere is an internationally recognized Estonian composer who successfully synthesizes
various art forms in his works. The genre-richness of Reinvere's music is also characterized by its monumental character, often accompanied by impressive theatricality and subtle instrumentation. Similarly to Sumera, he is also interested in the border areas, where the meaning of the elements that make up the music is not clearly defined and which allows the composer to create works with surprising dramaturgy.

The candidates for the Lepo Sumera Award were proposed by the jury members. The laureate was chosen during the discussion held by the jury.

The Award includes the monetary award of 4500 EUR by the Estonian Society of Authors and Estonian Composers’ Union.