Estonian Music Foundation

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Estonian Music Foundation is a unit operating side by side to Estonian Composers’ Union. Its’ essential activities are related to preserving Estonian composers oeuvre.

Estonian Music Foundation publishes musical works and helps with publishing, distributing and introducing music to wider audience. Due to decades of active period, Music Foundation owns a library containing thousands of scores. Today this library is mainly increased through works commissioned for Estonian Music Days. The catalog of Music Foundation includes very valuable and rare works.

Music Foundation was established on 20 April 1945 and back then the official name for the institution was Estonian Republican Department of USSR Music Foundation. On 18 January 1991, Estonian Music Foundation was registered.

Music Foundation has been led by many esteemed composers and musicians – Nikolai Goldschmidt (1945), Artur Uritamm (1945-1946), Aleksei Stepanov (1946-1973), Jüri Reier (1973-1990), Tea Kurvits (1991-1994), Raimo Kangro (1994-2000), Timo Steiner (2000-2005), Ülo Krigul (2005-2012), Kristo Matson (2012-2015) among others.