Estonian Academical Society of Sound Artists, the predecessor of of Estonian Composers’ Union, was founded on 19 November 1924. After Estonia being united to USSR, the institution tried to conform the new conditions and continue its activity, developing into the Association of Vocational Sound Artists. However, the association was liquidated in the end of 1940. After this, Estonian SSR Composers’ Union was founded which in 1989 was renamed to Estonian Composers’ Union. In 1993, the new constitution of ECU was accepted.

Estonian Composers’ Union is one of the oldest creative unions in Estonia. It aims for free development and distribution of Estonian music and musicology, protecting freedom of creative freedom and ECU’s members’ interests.

According to the Law of Creative Personnel and Creative Unions taken effect in 2004, Estonian Composers’ Union was entered on 27 June 2005 into the list of creative unions acknowledged by the Estonian Ministry of Culture.