Design Contest For The Veljo Tormis Virtual Centre

Foto autor: Tõnu Tormis
Photo by Tõnu Tormis

This year, the 90th anniversary of the great contemporary choral composer Veljo Tormis will be celebrated world-wide with the opening of The Veljo Tormis Virtual Centre. The online database and information channel will ensure the accessibility, preservation, dissemination and international recognition of Veljo Tormis’ creative heritage.

The aim of this contest is to create a modern visual identity for The Veljo Tormis Virtual Centre. The participants are expected to submit a logo with the idea description to with the subject “Design Contest”.

Deadline for submitting the logo and the idea description is May 10th, 2020. The winner will receive a prize of 500 euros.

The selection of the submitted works is made by a commission formed by The Veljo Tormis Cultural Society. The results of the competition will be published on the 18th of May on the website of The Veljo Tormis Cultural Society

For the detailed guidelines of this contest please contact