Alexandr Žedeljov released his second chamber music LP “Identity”

Alexandr Žedeljov, composer and musical director of the Russian Theater in Tallinn, released his second chamber music album, Identity. The central piece is “Friendly DNA Genocide”, which premiered at the festival Baltic & Estonian Music Days 2021 “DNA”. The work was performed by the Lithuanian violin and cello duo Twenty Fingers Duo.

Žedeljov’s first album was released in 2016. He wrote it during his studies at the composition department of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater.

The new album “Identity” focuses on string instruments and consists of five string-quartet pieces, four of them come from the performance “Idem”. The centerpiece of the album is “Friendly DNA Genocide”, written for violin and cello duo. The premiere of this work was performed by the Lithuanian virtuoso Twenty Fingers Duo at the Baltic & Estonian Music Days on the 1st of May, 2021. The album also features a guitar and oboe duo “The Wind From Spain” performed by Duo Tellur and a piano piece “Uncomfortable Person” by Spanish pianist Hara Alonso.

In addition to the main pieces, the album has two additional songs – a choral version of “Linnu sõna” performed by Estonian National Male Choir and a synthesizer version of the composition “Feathers of Parting”.

Estonian artist Eduard Zenchik created the visual design. The forms of Zenchik’s range from familiar painting to actionism. Zenchik shows the viewer his version of post-modern era oscillation. He easily juggles different methods, settles into trends and adopts styles. Considering the “Identity” LP is only available in digital form, the artist’s digital paintings were used in the design.

A special collaboration focus between the composer and the artists is emphasized in the audiovisual image created in the NFT format.

You can listen to the album HERE.

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