KAIROS released Arash Yazdan’s new album “Propagation of Uncertainty”

Photo: Rene Jakobson

Austrian label KAIROS released Arash Yazdan’s new album “Propagation of Uncertainty” in November.

Olivier Messiaen once said that all you need to make music is a note and silence. For the composer Arash Yazdani, born in 1985 and raised in Isfahan, Iran (now based in Tallinn, Estonia), a slightly adapted adage applies: All you need to make music is two frequencies – though Yazdani has a clear preference
for notes extremely close in pitch. His music is full of tightly coiled beatings, both stationary and set in motion. These beatings function like black holes in his works, drawing other sounds inexorably into their orbit. (Jeffrey Arlo Brown)

Artist(s): Maria Elonan, Talvi Hunt, Julien Lapeyre, Jean-Marie Paraire, Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir, Ensemble du Bout du Monde, Ensemble for New Music Tallinn, Zone Expérimentale Basel, Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, William Blank, Matthias Sebastian Krüger, Lodewijk van der Ree, Bas Wiegers, Arash Yazdani.

Additional information on Arash Yazdan’s two-CD album “Propagation of Uncertainty” can be found here: https://www.kairos-music.com/cds/0022201kai

The album presentations will take place at the “Sound Plasma” festival on November 24 and 25 at the Maschinenhaus of Kulturbrauerei concert venue in Berlin. Concert info: https://sound-plasma.com/sound-plasma-berlin-2023/#detailed-programme