Ardo Ran Varres

Foto: Kaupo Kikkas

Composer and actor, ECU member since 2007
Born on 19.03.1974

Ardo Ran Varres is an actor and composer. He began music studies on clarinet at the Tallinn Music High School with Hans Suurväli, in 1996, he graduated from the Drama School of Estonian Academy of Music (superviser Kalju Komissarov). In 2011, he obtained the master degree on composition at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre with Prof. Helena Tulve.

In the years 1996–2001, Ardo Ran Varres was actor at the Rakvere Theatre, and 2001–2003 at the Estonian State Drama Theatre. He has played more than 30 roles and performed also in Finland, Denmark and Germany. He worked as a music director at the Estonian State Drama Theatre from 2003–2011. He has composed music for more than 20 stage plays, for a number of films, television programs, television series and radio plays.
In 2002, his children’s musical Arabella and Taaniel (story by Aino Pervik) was staged in Rakvere Theatre in a cooperation with Peeter Raudsepp and Toomas Suuman.
Ardo Ran Varres’s theatre music can be found on three albums: Macbeth – released in 2001, Arabella and Taaniel – 2003 and Õhtusöök sõpradega [Dinner with Friends] – 2007.

Ardo Ran Varres’s music has gained recognition by several awards:
2003 Estonian Authors’ Society Year Award for music in drama theatre
2004 Estonian State Drama Theatre Colleague Award Ilu-Ants
2008 Estonian Authors’ Society Award for music in stage play “Võluõunad” [Magic Apples]
2009 Award for musical directing in stage play “Lõputu kohvijoomine” [Endless coffee drinking] at festival Drama 2009
2010 Estonian Theatre Union Special Award for the dance performance “Kevade” [Spring]
2016 Theatre Award of the Union of Estonian Theatre Researchers and Critics
2016 Annual Prize of Estonian Theatre for music to Tallinn City Theatre’s production “Krabat”

As an active musician, Ardo Ran Varres has played keyboards in ensmble Radio Maria since 2006. In 1990–1993, a closer co-operation took place with Sven Kuntu and a number of songs for ensemble Eriti Kurva Muusika Ansambel was written together.

Additionally to his membership in Estonian Composers’ Union, Ardo Ran Varres also belongs to Estonian Actors’ Union and since 2004, he is the Chairman of the Association of Estonian Theatre Music Directors.

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