Matis Leima

Photo: Carmen Seljamaa

Composer, ECU member since 2020
Born on 16.03.1992

Matis Leima started his music studies in Saku Music School, continued studying composition in Georg Ots Tallinn Music School and graduated cum laude from The Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in 2020. He plays the fiddle, the piano, and the diatonic button accordion and has worked as an instrument teacher in numerous youth camps, instructed goups in ensemble and arrangement. He is currently teaching at Helivõlu Music School in Tartu and is the teacher of many private students. He served his military service with the Orchestra of the Estonian Defence Forces, studied in TÜ Viljandi Culture Academy and graduated cum laude from University of Tartu in 2016, specializing in history. Matis is a member of Seto folk bands Kiiora and Zetod.


Quadraphonic audio play about good and bad music „Ülem heli“ („Over Tone“)
Estonia’s first „Karmoškaaabits“ („Garmoshka Tutor“)
Audio cassette „Tasuta õnn”

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