Tõnis Leemets

Composer, guitar player, ECU member since 2020
Born on 10.06.1972

Tõnis Leemets has studied electric guitar and (electro-acoustic) composition with Mart Soo, Margo Kõlar, Tõnu Kõrvits, Helena Tulve and others.

Has played in the Weekend Guitar Trio since 1993. As a guitarist, he has performed the works of many contemporary Estonian composers and his own arrangements of 20 th century cello masterpieces for the guitar. Has created music for new music festivals, films, theatre and radio plays, and been a DJ/presenter on several radio stations (mostly the Classical channel). In the 90s, his project Treee was one of the pioneers of Estonian acid jazz/electronic dance music.


“Etnoautomaat“ 1999
„Full Scale Band“ 2001

„Tantsusüit“ (2017, Una Cordale)
„Yo Hannes“ (2018)
„sihikindel mälukaotamine“ (2019, Iris Ojale)
„Tiramisù“ (2020)