Astra Irene Susi

Composer, actress, ECU member since 2024
Born on 28.02.1998

Astra Irene Susi is a composer and performer based in Tallinn. Astra graduated from Tallinn Music High School (2017) with a degree in music composition and piano. Susi holds a Bachelor of Music in Composition from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and is also studying acting at the 31st course of the Performing Arts School. In her practice, Susi has tried to find connections between stage art and contemporary music, by staging performative compositions and
musical theatre performances. Susi has been active in the field of contemporary classical music for many years, performing her works in renowned concert halls in Tallinn and Berlin (EMTA Blackbox, HFM Studio Hall, Estonia Concert Hall, Haus der Statistik). Susi also created a musical theatre production “Terra Nullius” with Edoardo Michel in 2021, which was performed in Berlin. Susi’s work explores the potential of soundscapes to speak to the viewer through emotional influences and emotions.

Major works, creative achievements

2023 Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre Symphony Orchestra “Resurrection”
2021 “Terra Nullius” musical theatre production, authors Astra Irene Susi/Edoardo Michel Haus der Statistik, Berlin, Germany
2019 “Coming out of the Womb” Symphony Orchestra of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre
2017 “The Crash” for string orchestra and vibraphone

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